Hints for Wordle on March 31: Think of animals with six letters (e.g. giraffe), colors (e.g. yellow), and basic emotions (e.g. happy). Good luck!

Looking for help with today’s Wordle puzzle? The answer to Wordle 650 on March 31 is “every,” and we have some hints to help you solve it yourself. Yesterday’s answer was “bread,” so you can eliminate that from your guesses. Today’s answer ends with the letter “y,” uses the same vowel twice, and is an adjective that refers to the whole of a particular group.

If you are struggling, no worries — the answer is provided at the bottom of the page. “Every” means that something applies to all members of a group without exception. To increase your chances of solving tomorrow’s Wordle, try to start with words that have common vowels, such as “adieu” or “media,” and avoid picking words with double letters.

Overall, Wordle requires some luck and strategy, but with practice, you can improve your chances of winning. If you love Wordle, here are some similar games to try out.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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