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HD Video Converter Factory Review

How important is a video converter in our life? Just like for many purposes, a video converter is as important as any other online digital tool or software. So today here we are going to go on a review- HD Video Converter Factory. Trust me when I say this, it’s one of the most efficiently working software one can have. The reasons we’ll find out as along this article goes! I bet you won’t be disappointed by the HD Video Converter Factory.

Lets begin with the review- HD Video Converter Factory.

Downloading the software:

To download the software, visit here. Go with the further proceedings as the main website redirects you to the downloading site. One good thing about HD Video Converter Factory is the number of features. Yes, they have surprisingly provided you with multiple features and one of which is small download size!

Installing the software:

Run the application file in your laptop- although this is similar to every other application download, as a process, let’s go through everything.

The HD Video Converter Factory:

The graphics and the illustrative looks of the whole software make it look easy to use. Although, for the kiddies who might not know how the ‘trim’ and the ‘crop’ icons look like on a general level might have to try every key.  But as pictures are informative and attractive over textual scripts, the first time the user is surely going to get impressed by the dark theme and smooth functioning.

The HD Video Converter Factory

Overall Appearance:

Needless to say, the attempt of putting the handwritten fonts and similarly handmade arrows is flawless.  Another good feature is drag and drop which minimizes the efforts of locating the file. The files, if small, get loaded in snaps. Bigger file, however, may take nearly thirty seconds- but that’s so less to wait for.

Converting feature:

The amazing feature of HD Video Converter Factory for converting is the device distribution. This software understands that every mobile phone comes with more or less different specifications and thus, they have separated every phone. You can find brands like Samsung, Google, Apple, HTC, Motorola, etc. Each brand is further divided into the models it has released in recent years. Not kidding when I say it includes tablets, television, and Xbox.

For the local laptop or PC based conversion they, provide the converting formats ranging from encoders like DIVX, XVID, VP9 to the common ones used like MP4, AVI, and MKV, etc.

Do you think the services end here? You’ve got it wrong.

They have sections like Web, 4K/HD, and Audio, where the similar video extension types such as MP4 is compatible with web applications such as Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook and most, sought one- YouTube! Moreover, you can also convert the video into the audio file and that too in variations of extensions.


Features for a particular video:

For a particular video, you can trim, crop and filter it. The outstanding way of doing it is defined by showing you two windows of ‘before’ and ‘after’. As soon as you hit the play button, both the videos start playing- one as original and the other as edited. For trimming, the timing section is so accurate that it counts up to the unit of 0-9 microseconds. For visible human eyes, that might not even be mattering- but the way accuracy is maintained is impressive.


Subtitles- yes, your new video can contain subtitles as a part of the video itself. All you need to do is download a .SRT file which pre-exists (if it a web-series or a movie) and upload. As you run the converter- the new video doesn’t need to play subtitles separately!

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There often comes a time when you’ve to add each filter and get a preview of it individually. As a result, this becomes tiresome and people mostly don’t get to access all the filters even- monotonous rituals are often avoided. Thankfully, HD Video Converter Factory and its two-window policy save you out. You can play the videos simultaneously and decide the suitable effects.

Modifying resolution:

Lower resolution videos can be upgraded to the higher resolution ones to a fair level. But remember, it may take time to process if the initial and the expected quality have a fair difference and the size of the video adds to it. However, for the 1080 resolution, one might need to upgrade to the pro version.

HD Video Converter Factory.

Pro version:

Comparison between upgraded and free versions. The upgrade version comes with additional features such as multiple PC access, customer service, batch processing to reduce the time consumption, and compression. Considering their sales and offer- getting all this and also free further upgrades, I recommend to buy it during offers. The paid features, although great, might not be needful all the time to every user. So unless you’re a kiddie trying it for small-scale purposes, I suggest you use and enjoy the free version. I’ve inserted a small table for the idea at a quick glance.

Pro VersionFree Version
Multiple PC accessYesNo
Customer Service24*7No
Batch ProcessingYes, speeds up the processNo, takes normal time
Compressional FeaturesYesNo
Useful whenProfessional in the field of video editingA Kiddie trying to manipulate normal videos.

HD Video Converter Factory.

Overall review:

How often we want free-resources to help us out in ideal conversions. The reasons may vary from quality improvisation to storage space-saving, to make it operable on all similar platforms or to convert to receive video to a playable format in your platform. As told above, till the end of the walk through you might agree with us that HD Video Converter Factory certainly is software that is available offline and at your fingertips. It gives you all the features such as editing, trimming, cropping, filtering, and converting to devices and compatible web sources at one single platform. After all this, I wonder why people should hop from multiple websites for every purpose. It’s a whole world of services in the video conversions at a single place!

The software has also made an online tutorial for users who might have some basic usability questions. Nowhere have I seen these features all at once and thus, it’s like a cherry on the cake and highly recommendable. Overall the planning is precise and much beneficial than other websites!

Buy Pro Version Now

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