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Google Remote Desktop Download & Installation Guide

Ever thought of accessing a PC remotely? So presenting you a new feature of Google- Google Remote Desktop. It allows you to control the computer which is away from you just as if it was in the local link, using the ‘Chromoting’ protocol. Here are quick steps to download and install it:

Google Remote Desktop Download:

Step 1:

Visit the Google Remote Desktop website. Click on ‘Get Started’.

google remote desktop download

This will lead you to a chrome webpage, which asks you to add a chrome extension. Click on the download icon of this webpage which adds the extension on the chrome tab. Once ready, the Google Remote Desktop download button is enabled as above.

Step 2:

After the chrome extension is added, click on the “Ready to Install” button and proceed with the further installations.

google remote desktop download

Step 3:

It shows an option from the user access control to make changes to the PC. Click on ‘Yes’. You have to choose a name for your computer. Also on the next step, it will ask you to enter a six-digit pin and reconfirm it. (Here, I’ve set the name as ‘DESKTOP’ and have put a random 6 digit pin). Refer to the images below.

google remote desktop download google remote desktop download

Now you’re ready with your first device that is added to the Google Remote Desktop.

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How To Connect/Share Google Remote Desktop:

If you switch to the ‘Remote Support‘ tab, you can find the following options as shown in the images below:

google remote desktop download

These two options in this field are- Get support and give support. When you have to access someone’s PC, you choose the ‘Get Support’ option and the ‘Give Support’ in the similarly opposite case. In this case, while you ‘Get Support’ of another PC, you need to generate an ‘Access Code’ which has to be put in the other PC’s ‘Give Support’.

Moreover, this is the most hassle-free setup and also is for free. You can get access to this Google Remote Desktop only if you’ve logged in primarily with your Google account.

YouTube Video:


If you want to transfer files from one PC to another, simply upload it on your Google Drive link and download it after getting access to the other Computer.

The Google Remote Desktop comes with an additional layer of security as it’s introducing two PINS that are independent of each other. The PIN that you use to log in is to get access to your PC and the Remote Desktop as a software. The Access Pin exists throughout the session of remote access and expires after session termination. Due to the popularity and extensive of TeamViewer, Google Remote Desktop still is overshadowed. But this security feature and compatibility can be a bonus for the scalability of his software.

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