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Google releases its Bard chatbot to compete with ChatGPT.

Google is launching a chatbot called Bard, which is designed to compete with the popular ChatGPT. Like ChatGPT, Bard will answer an extensive range of questions, although it will occasionally make errors or behave in a strange manner. Eli Collins, a vice president of research at Google, said the bot was an “early experiment” and would not be perfect. Bard is being made available to US and UK users, although Google has cautioned that it is at a relatively early stage of development. The firm will monitor feedback to refine the bot.

Bard and ChatGPT both employ powerful AI models reliant on text training data. This enables them to mimic human responses effectively. However, chatbots based on this technology have been known to regurgitate biases or make up facts, which makes it tricky for them to assist users in seeking information from the web or other sources. Despite these limitations, the bots are known to be useful in generating ideas or text.

Relevance: Bard is the latest chatbot to use AI, but the technology is still at an experimental stage and can sometimes throw up errors or unexpected responses.

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