Free Online Courses With Certificates

Certifications are totally necessary when it comes to getting yourselves qualified. It adds to your worth and helps prove your hold on a particular subject. Moreover, certificates act like catalysts when it comes to your jobs and promotions. But often, certifications come with great costs attached. Certifications grow and enhance us rapidly! But certifications when free, help us to focus and learn without having to spend a dime. Also, free courses and certificates, when online save our time and pace of learning. So here is a list of free online courses with certificates.

List Of Sites For Free Online Courses With Certificates


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Udemy is the most-actively used platform. It provides a free certificate on almost every course. The syllabus of Udemy is simply not restricted to technical or commercial stuff. They also teach you varied courses like how to live life peacefully, understanding animal behaviour and also steps to make better videos on Udemy. All you have to do is simply register on the account and enrol for a course. You can also download the videos and watch them on the go!

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Google: Learn Digital

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Google provides free online courses and certificates once you do enrol for a course and do your homework as assigned by them. Once successfully completed, it offers you a certificate that you can upload on professional platforms. The range of courses simply lies between technical to sales and marketing. More to come from google!

Alison: Free Online Courses With Certifications

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From scientific and engineering courses to simply language learning; Alison has it all. This website is meant for total teachings and gaining a free certificate. All you have to do is log in and start your access to the course. They have variable courses ranging from businesses to humanities. What are you waiting for then?

The other certificate programs do offer you quality education for free, but that doesn’t mean that the certificate would come for free. Other than these websites above there are a few more. But, they might charge a nominal fee.

List Of Paid Courses With Certifications:


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It is our very own initiative started which contains lectures from renowned Indian Institute of Technology. You can enrol in a course for free. In case if you feel worth taking the examination, you can pay a minimum fee and be present at their allocated centre.


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EDX gets your courses from renowned universities from all around the world. The quality of education, chat and support system is completely remarkable. Along with that, they provide you with waiver options if you answer their three of the questions and manage to convince them about your finances.


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A website which again, manages to be the topmost with its quality education and the syllabus. It also can provide a waiver off to some extent by a mailing procedure to their authorities. Their courses are totally designed with the current industrial scenario in mind. It’s a good option to consider and give it a try.

Moreover, my personal belief lies in the fact that a person is always curious about knowledge. An ideally curious person can learn from anywhere and will grasp the right things always. All the best, dear reader!

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