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4 Free AI Voice Text to Speech Tools

AI Voice Text to Speech Tools is advanced software programs that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate lifelike speech from written text. These tools use deep learning models and natural language processing techniques to analyze text and generate audio output that sounds natural and human-like.

AI Voice Text to Speech Tools can be trained on large datasets of speech and text to improve the accuracy and quality of their output. They can also learn to recognize and reproduce different accents, emotions, and speaking styles to create personalized audio content.

Some popular AI Voice Text to Speech Tools include Amazon Polly, Google Cloud Text-to-Speech, IBM Watson Text to Speech, and Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech. These tools are used in a variety of applications, including e-learning, gaming, virtual assistants, and more.

AI Voice Text to Speech Tools

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The development of amazing text to speech (TTS) generators and tools has been facilitated by the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). A speech synthesis program called “text to speech” analyses text and reads it out in a human-like manner.

TTS generators are employed in a range of contexts, such as voiceover by companies and creators, as well as as an assistive tool for those with learning disabilities. These generators are also commonly utilized in a variety of other fields, such as audiobooks, branding, animation, and gaming. Furthermore, because to quick advances in the industry, the technology no longer needs a lot of speech samples or even specialized tools to work well.

There are many great text to speech generators on the market, with each one offering its own unique set of capabilities and applications.

Free AI Voice Text to Speech Tools

1. Google Text-to-Speech

Developed by Google, Google Text-to-Speech is a free AI-powered tool that speaks written text. It is downloadable via the Google Play Store and is accessible for Android devices.

All written content on your Android device, including web pages, emails, and text messages, can be read aloud using Google Text-to-Speech after it has been installed. On the go, you may also use it to read e-books or listen to articles.

You can select the language and voice that best suits you thanks to Google Text-to-support Speech’s for a variety of languages. To further personalize the reading experience, you can change the speech tempo and pitch.

To use Google Text-to-Speech, you need to enable it in the Accessibility settings of your Android device. Once enabled, you can activate it by selecting the text you want to listen to and tapping the “Listen” or “Play” button that appears on the screen.

Overall, Google Text-to-Speech is a useful tool for anyone who wants to listen to written text on their Android device. It is easy to use, customizable, and supports multiple languages and voices.

Google Text-to-Speech


2. NaturalReader

NaturalReader is a free AI-powered text-to-speech software that can convert any written text into spoken words. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers, and can be downloaded from the NaturalReader website.

Once installed, you can use NaturalReader to listen to any text on your computer, including emails, web pages, documents, and ebooks. You can also use it to create audio files from text documents or to convert text to MP3 files for listening on the go.

You can select the language and voice that best matches your needs thanks to NaturalReader’s support for a variety of languages. To alter the listening experience, you can change the speech’s volume and speed.

A commercial version of NaturalReader is available in addition to the free version and offers further features like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for speaking scanned documents and the capacity to save text to audio files in various formats.

All things considered, NaturalReader is a helpful program for anyone who wishes to read aloud on their computer. It supports numerous languages and voices and is simple to use. More capabilities are available in the premium version for more sophisticated use cases.


3. VoiceMaker

VoiceMaker is a text-to-speech converter tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate natural-sounding speech from written text. The tool is designed to provide users with a wide variety of voice options to choose from, including different accents, languages, and emotions.

To use VoiceMaker, a user simply inputs the text they want to convert into the tool, selects the desired voice and settings, and then downloads or shares the resulting audio file. VoiceMaker also provides a range of customization options, such as adjusting the speech speed, pitch, and volume.

VoiceMaker is often used in a variety of applications, including e-learning, audiobook production, and marketing materials. The tool has gained popularity due to its ease of use and the quality of its synthesized voices.


4. Murf ai

This intuitive text to speech software is much more than a regular voiceover tool; it also serves as an online video maker. With Murf, you can create engaging voiceovers from scratch in minutes. Murf text to speech software has over 120 male and female AI natural sounding voices in more than 20 languages. You can choose an AI voice of your choice for your project from languages like French, German, Hindi, Italian, Arabic, and much more.

The best part is that you won’t have to spend a dime to explore all the features available on the Studio. Murf offers a free plan with 10 minutes of free voice generation and 10 minutes of transcription time, enabling users to check out all the features of the app for free. With Murf’s free trial, users can access and try all the 120+ AI voices in the Murf library. You can even switch between the different voice customization options to see how each feature affects the voiceover. Play with pronunciations and pauses; explore Murf’s emphasis, speed, and voice changer features. You can even use music files from Murf’s sound library of 8000+ royalty-free music tracks.

murf ai



Q: What is free AI voice text to speech technology? A: Text-to-speech (TTS) technology is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert written text into spoken words for free.

Q: What types of files can be converted to speech using text-to-speech tools? A: The types of files that can be converted to speech using text-to-speech tools depend on the specific tool being used. However, many text-to-speech tools support a wide range of file formats, including TXT, DOC, PDF, and EPUB.

Q: Can text-to-speech tools be customized to suit individual needs? A: Yes, most text-to-speech tools offer customization options that allow users to adjust the speech rate, volume, and pitch to create a more natural-sounding voice. Some tools also allow users to choose from multiple languages and voices.

Q: Are there any limitations to using free AI voice text to speech tools? A: Some free AI-powered text-to-speech tools may have limitations on usage, such as a limited number of characters per conversion or a limited number of conversions per day. Additionally, some tools may not support certain file formats or languages. It is important to check the specific limitations of each tool before using it.


This article concentrates on the free AI text to speech technologies that are readily available, which are the most astonishing aspect of artificial intelligence. Thankyou for reading.

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