Like a Dragon Ishin

“Enjoy the retro charm and action-packed gameplay of Like A Dragon Ishin, a fun and immersive trip back in time to feudal Japan. #gaming #retrogaming”

GamesBeat Summit 2023 in Los Angeles on May 22-23 is an opportunity for the gaming industry’s top leaders to connect. Meanwhile, recent news from the game development community at GDC centers on upcoming game releases. The author expresses their interest in discussing games themselves and shares their thoughts on Like a Dragon: Ishin, a fictional game in Japan’s Bakumatsu-era that follows a ronin character navigating societal justice and revenge with added wacky side activities. They give it a positive recommendation for fans of the series.

Aside from Ishin, the author shares their plan to play Resident Evil 4 Remake and Tchia, the new day-one launch on PlayStation Plus, among others. Also, subscription services offer new releases including Ghostwire Tokyo, Life Is Strange: True Colors, and Street Fighter V Champion Edition.

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Vaibhav Kulkarni
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