iphone 14 pro ios 16 4

Enhance your iPhone experience with these 12 iOS 16.4 updates! Power Reserve, AirPlay improvements, Home app enhancements, and more coming your way!

Apple has released its latest iOS update, iOS 16.4, which has brought several new features and improvements to Apple devices, including the return of the page curl effect in Apple Books, push notifications from websites in Safari and the always-on display options for focus modes. The update has also added 31 new emojis, link previews for Mastodon in messages, improved Home app with HomeKit and easier beta opt-in from the Settings app. Other features include the ability to see who and what is covered with AppleCare and voice isolation for phone calls. Apple Music has also received minor updates, with easier access to user profiles and pop-up banners for songs added to the queue. Meanwhile, the Podcasts app features a dedicated section for channels and added functionality for removing episodes from queues. Users can download the update by accessing the Software Update section in the General tab within the Settings app.

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