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DPReview, the renowned camera reviews website, will be closed down by Amazon shortly.

Amazon announced that it will be shutting down DPReview, a well-respected website that provides comprehensive camera reviews. The decision comes as part of Amazon’s cost-cutting strategy that was announced in January, which will result in the loss of 18,000 jobs. The DPReview team will continue publishing content until April 10th, after which the site will be locked, and no further updates will be made. While the site will remain available in read-only mode for a limited period, it is unclear whether all the articles and reviews will be removed afterward. The DPReview YouTube channel, which is also a popular institution, will also come to an end. The forums will remain open until April 6th, and users can request a download of their photos and text before the site is locked.

DPReview has been providing quality camera reviews since 1998 and has become one of the most trusted sources of information for camera enthusiasts. Its charts, image samples, and notes on autofocus performance have been essential for people looking to buy their first DSLR mirrorless camera or lenses. With almost 25 years’ worth of content, the closure of DPReview is a significant loss to modern camera history.

In addition to DPReview, Amazon plans to make cuts in other areas, including Twitch, Amazon Web Services (AWS), advertising, and human resources divisions. The January announcement to reduce costs resulted in the loss of 9,000 jobs, and the recent round of cuts will result in further job losses. According to DPReview’s “About Us” page, there are currently 11 staff members for the site.

Although DPReview’s closure is coming as part of Amazon’s cost-cutting measures, it is still disappointing news for camera enthusiasts. The site has been a valuable resource for anyone interested in photography, and its absence will be felt in the industry. However, Jordan Drake and co-host Chris Niccolls of DPReview TV have announced that they will continue to make YouTube videos, albeit on a new channel.

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