How to Disable Driver Signature Verification/ Enforcement on Winodws 10

disable driver signature verification

Do you install customs software on your device? yes, then do they are the signature version or not. Why do we need to disable driver signature verification? The answer to this question is like, Microsoft wants their users to be secure, hence it sets some rules and regulations on user installation. The signature verification is one of them, this security function disallows user to install software without a signature package. Sometimes, the developer doesn’t provide the signature package which becomes a problem in installing software. Here is a solution to disable driver signature verification.

Disable Driver Signature Verification

To disable signature verification follow some simple steps below….

  • Go to the windows icon and hold shift key “Restart” simultaneously.
  • Now, your computer will restart and you will be taken to the recovery menu.
  • Here you will observe three option with tittle choose the option, Now select troubleshoot.
  • In under troubleshoot menu select “Advance Option”.
  • Now in “Advance Option” select “Startup Settings” and continue.
  • In under “Startup Settings” you will see a list option with an option “Restart” select that option.
  • Now again a screen will open with options, here you can observe 7th option is disable driver signature enforcement.
  •  Press F7 to disable driver signature verification, Now your PC will restart normally to the desktop.

Congratulations!! you have successfully disable driver signature verification. If you find this article helpful don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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