How To Convert Phone Into Wireless Mouse

phone to mouse

Want to convert phone into wireless mouse, first tell me what do you use laptop or desktop or smartphone for most of your work? Let me know in comments below. The reason for asking this thing is if you use desktop or laptop then you must be using a mouse. So what if your mouse got damage or mouse pad of laptop got damage and you don’t have any additional mouse then how will you complete your work?? Here is the solution, what if you can turn your smartphone into a wireless mouse? Isn’t it’s cool? So let’s get started.

Things Required To Convert Phone Into Wireless Mouse

  • A Smartphone ( Android, Windows, iPhone, or iPad )
  • PC or Laptop with WIFI Feature
  • A Bit Of Internet

Now if you these things we are all set ready to go…

How To Convert Phone Into Wireless Mouse

phone to mouse

  • Step-I: Download and install the app on your device from play store, app store or windows store. Just Search for “Remote Mouse” download and install but don’t open the app.


  • Step-II: Download and install the software on the PC suitable for your device. Windows, Mac, or Linux from above link.
  • Now turn your smartphone hotspot on and connect your PC/Laptop to that WIFI network.
  • Once you are connected open app on your smartphone. Here you can see your device name click that name and your mouse will start working.
  • The user interface is just similar to our mouse Left Click, Right Click and Scrolling Wheel.
  • One Thing to remember is if you connect your laptop/PC to internet via Wifi then while using the mouse internet will not work.

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