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CMO tasked with acquiring new talent.

CMOs are being called upon to lead or advise their company’s talent acquisition efforts by telling a compelling employee experience story. This task implicates the need to attract potential candidates by articulating reasons for the best and brightest to work for their companies. This emerging trend is attributed to the skills and insights that CMOs have in defining stellar customer experiences. CMOs are now playing a crucial role in shaping company culture and positioning it as a desirable place to work.

The US jobs report indicated that filling positions remains a major struggle for companies. The ongoing Great Resignation indicates that up to 40% of employees are considering leaving their jobs, while “quiet quitting” has become a cause for concern. However, these trends present opportunities rather than threats for smart CMOs to cater to the desires of talented individuals. A company that welcomes employees’ input to contribute to its initiatives earns their loyalty, leading to higher productivity and competitive advantage in the battle for talent. Therefore, creating a consistent end-to-end employee experience, including talent acquisition, onboarding, avenues of growth, and retirement, is a crucial activity that CMOs should prioritize.

CMOs have a lot to offer the chief human resources officer (CHRO) since they understand and convey the brand story to the overall employee experience. Collaboration between the two can lead to attracting the best talent available by offering a more meaningful and fulfilling career. Flexible work environment and work-life balance, which has become crucial even more after the pandemic, can be provided by CMOs to the CHRO to attract potential candidates.

In conclusion, CMOs’ skills in defining relevant brand stories and anticipating market trends can be applied to create an equally positive experience for employees. By prioritizing the creation of a consistent end-to-end employee experience, CMOs can build desired company culture, leading to higher productivity, competitive advantage in the battle for talent, and profitability. Ultimately, close collaboration with the CHRO will contribute to the overall success of the company.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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