Renew let's encrypt Certificate

How To Renew Let’s Encrypt Certificate

Do you use Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate? If yes then you must be knowing that the one and only limitation of Let’s Encrypt SSL is its less validity and hence you need to Renew Let’s Encrypt Certificate once in three months. Therefore here is a complete guide showing how to Renew Let’s encrypt Certificate in 2018.

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How To Renew Let’s Encrypt Certificate

  • Visit and login to your hosting account and open cPanel. Now, search for SSL/TLS under “Security” and click to open. As shown below.renew let's encrypt certificate
  • Now keep this windows open in the background and open another tab and search “SSL for free“.
  • Open first link (Click Here to Visit) and enter your domain name, click “Create Free SSL certificaterenew let's encrypt certificate
  • Now, click on “Manual Verification” and then “Manually Verify Domain” in order to renew Let’s Encrypt certificate.
  • Both the manual methods are shown below choose anyone which is easy for you.

Method-I (Using Upload Verification Files)

  • Once you open the tab (Manual Verification) click on both files “Download File 1 & 2” to download.
  • Now, simply open cPanel and go to file manager and create two folders (.well-known & acme-challenge) in your website home directory. As shown below. If you see error while creating folder it means the folder already exist, simply search and upload files to location.renew let's encrypt certificate
  • After all files are uploaded simply visit the links as shown below. If you see the same code as of name on files you uploaded, then congratulations you have verified your site now simply click on “Download Certificate” If your site is verified skip to “Final Installation” If not verified try next method.renew let's encrypt certificate
  • Here a page will open containing all your Certificate, Private Key and CA Bundle. As shown below.renew let's encrypt certificate

Method-II (Using DNS Text Record)

    • Once you open the tab (Manual Verification DNS) simply copy following text and open cPanel from hosting account.renew let's encrypt certificate
    • In cPanel search for “Zone Editor” and click to open it to renew Let’s Encrypt certificate. As shown below.renew let's encrypt certificate
    • Once the page is open click  “Manage” to add new “TXT Record” and both TXT Record as shown below. Keep TTL as “1” to make changes fast. similarly add another one.renew let's encrypt certificate
    • After you added both the TXT Record click the links below to verifiy and renew Let’s Encrypt certificate. As shown below.renew let's encrypt certificate
    • If everything is correct you will see same value you added in TXT Record. Once the verification is done click “Download Certificate” Here a page will open containg all your Certificate, Private Key and CA Bundle. As shown below.renew let's encrypt certificate

Final Installation

  • Now, open the tab we open previously of “SSL/TLS” at begining of this tutorial.
  • Here,under “Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)” click “Manage SSL Sites” to renew Let’s Encrypt Certificate. As shown below.renew let's encrypt certificate
  • In Manage section, Click on “Update Certificate” and copy all the deatils such as Certificate, Private key and CA Bundle to cPanel. Once done copying Click “Install Certificate” and wait few secs. Once completed you will see a pop up as shown below. renew let's encrypt certificate
Free SSL Certificate

How To Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate

Security is one of the biggest issues nowadays, not the physical security but the digital. Yes, internet has grown to huge extent that people started uploading their all information online. Recently you might heard about data leaks and hacking issues. This are nothing but lack in the security of online portals like website, blog, community and etc. The best and prime way to secure your online property is installing SSL certificate. The SSL certificate may cause you about $100/Yr hence if you are new to online world you can use free ssl certificate like Let’s encrypt free ssl certificate.

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The only limitation of this free SSL certificate is you need to renew Let’s encrypt SSL certificate once in 3 months. After completion of 3 months you need to repeat the same procedure mentioned below.

How To Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate

  • Visit SSL For Free and enter your domain name. As shown ssl cerificate
  • Click “Create Free SSL Certificate” and wait few secs, now you will see three different methods to verify your domain. Select “Manual Verification (Files Upload)” method and click “Manually verify domain” As shown ssl certificate
  • Download 2 files as shown below. Once the files are downloaded visit and login to your hosting ssl certificate
  • In your cPanel open “File Manager” and search “.well-known” if you don’t find any such folder create one. If you use Windows hosting you may have to add a dot at the end of the folder name in succession to create a folder with a dot at the start. As shown ssl certificate
  • Similarly, create “acme-challenge” folder under “.well_known” and upload 2 files you just downloaded. Once the files are uploaded click the links from SSL for free page. If you see randon alpha-numeric no. you can begin with downloading SSL certificate. Click “Download SSL Certificate”
  • Once you download SSL certificate extract the zip you will see files as shown ssl certificate
  • Now, login to your cPanel, scroll down till “Security” and open “SSL/TLS”  as shown ssl certificate
  • Click and open “Manage SSL Sites” under Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS). As shown ssl certificate
  • Scroll down and select domain to install free SSL certificate. Now open “Certificate” file from extracted zip and paste in “Certificate: (CRT)” in cPanel. similarly copy and paste “Private” and “CA_Bundle” to “Private Key (KEY)” and “Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE)” respectively. As shown ssl certificate
  • Once all spaces are filled simply click “Install Certificate” and wait few minutes. After the process is completed your Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate is installed.

If you find any difficulty during installation process feel free to comment down below.

ssl for lifetime

How To Get Free SSL For Lifetime (Comodo CA SSL)

Secure socket layer is most commonly known as SSL or SSL certificate. Today we live in such society where the chance of getting hacked is very high. Hence to protect the privacy of website users, the primary objective of any online organisation to secure their websites. The SSL encrypts the data and maintain privacy during data transfer from server. In one of the Google’s report it has been said that after 2020 no website without SSL will be crawl and indexed by search engines. Whereas buying SSL may cause around $50 to $100 a big amount for small business owners or bloggers. So in this article, we are going to teach you how to get free SSL for lifetime.

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Why Not Let’s Encrypt Free SSL?

Well Let’s Encrypt provide free SSL for lifetime but the biggest disadvantage of Let’s Encrypt is the renewal duration, yes you need to renew your SSL certificate after every 3 months and also the relability of it’s SSL is less as compared to other. In this method You are going to know how to get Comodo CA Shared SSL free for lifetime.

How To Get Free SSL For Lifetime

  • Visit and click on sign up.
  • Now, enter your email and password and click “Create Account”
  • Here click on “+Add Site” and enter your domain name then click “Add Site”
  • Click next,then select “Free($0.00/Month)” and click confirm the plan and “Purchase”
  • Now turn all the cloud icons on orange and click “Continue” as shown below.

ssl for lifetime

  • Copy the nameservers shown and change it from your DNS settings and click “Continue”.
  • Once you changed the nameserver wait for few minutes or hours depends upon your hosting provider and then click “Recheck Nameservers”
  • Once your nameserver are linked to your Cloudflare account scroll down in “Domain Summary” and click (Flexible/Full/Full-Strict) and make it “Full (Strict)”
  • Wait for few hours until your SSL certificate become active you can see (COMODO CA Limited) and that’s it, Congratulations your SSL is active and ready to use.

SSL for lifetimeSource: HinduGeek.Com

If you find any difficulty in activating SSL let me know in comment section below. Also if you find this article helpful share this with your blogger friends and let them too take advantage of free SSL for lifetime.

Leaked on intenret

How To Check If Your Information Is Leaked On Internet? Must Read

Data privacy is one of the largest issue in today’s world. Internet is growing so fast that its hard to control its security and privacy. Recently there was huge data leaked by one of the Internet Gaint “Facebook”. The user data is shared with some firms for commercial and political use. Now how to check if your information is leaked on internet.

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H0w To Check If Your Information Is Leaked On Internet

  1. Open your web browser and go to “Google” or any search engine and enter “Ihavebeenpwned” and open first link.
  2. Once the website loaded completely “Enter your email id” for which you want to do privacy check and click “Pwned?” and allow few minutes to check.
  3. Once the page is loaded compeletly you will see result if its says “oh no-pwned” then your information is leaked, scroll down to know where it is leaked.
  4. And if you see “Good news no pwned” don’t worry you data is safe till now.

Watch Video Tutorial: Click Here

How To Activate Notification Feature

If you want to get notified whenever your data is leaked and prevent any misuse then follow steps below.

  1. At bottom of your result you will see “Notify me when i get pwned” just click that link and “Enter your Email” and click “Notify me pwned”
  2. You will recive verification email on same email you enter to subscribe, click on the link to verify.
  3. That’s it you data is secured.

If you like the information provied in this article do share this with your friend and help them to secure their privacy. (Leaked On Internet)