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Download 198 Free Marathi Fonts

Searching for Free Marathi fonts? Great, welcome to your destination. Marathi one of the popular language in India, for its movies like Sairat to popular politicians. Today digital marketing has huge demand in India as well as in Maharashtra. Designing and creating post requires creative fonts with proper graphic idea. Well while looking into system or design software its difficult to find any or good Marathi fonts hence getting it is important.

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In this article I will teach you how can you download and install 198 Marathi fonts for absolutely free. Before you download this please read the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: We do not own any ownership or distribution rights of the following fonts, this fonts are shared just to encourage young and creative minds who can’t afford paying huge money. For any dispute or removal of fonts contact us through contact page.

Download Free Marathi Fonts

marathi fonts





Warning: Do not close this page before you extract Rar file. The file is password protected. Share this article on social media to get password.

How To Install Free Marathi Fonts

  • Simply download and right click to extract the Rar file.
  • You will be asked for Password visit this page and share this article on social media.
  • Now, password will be visible to you, enter and extract the file.
  • Double click on font file and click install.
  • Wait for few sec, That’s it you have installed the font.
  • Similarly install all fonts to your PC/laptop.


TOP 3 Indian Bloggers

Top 3 Indian Blogger’s List 2019

Before talking about Top 3 Indian Bloggers, first lets know how and when blogging started. There is no doubt today blogging is one of the buzzing industry to start living or part time earning online. Although blogging in India appear very late in 1990s. In earlier days blogging was only done by computer professionals to provide solution to problems.

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Today hundreds of new bloggers start their journey in different niches. Some of them succeed some of them just discontinue due to lack of knowledge and patience.Nowadays, blogging is turned into a full industry with 100s of different niche (categories), tools, professionals and etc. Although it become more easy to start blogging as lots of online resource availability. So, here is a list of Top 3 Indian Bloggers who achieved great success in blogging.

Top 3 Indian Bloggers

1. Amit Agarwal –

amit agarwal

Name: Amit Agarwal


Monthly Average Earning: 69.5 Lakhs Approx ($100,000)

Alexa Global rank: 13,374

Alexa Rank in India: 3495

Amit Agarwal a pioneer of Indian blogging industry and blogging revolution. He is a former IITian and one of the best Tech Blogger in India. Amit worked for US based firm till 2004. He quit his job and started first blog  Amit has achieved great success within few months of starting blog also he mainly writes about Consumer software, mobile apps, how to blogs and web technologies. The main aim of Amit was to become India’s first and professional blogger in India. Amit’s success story does inspired a lot of new bloggers though his speeches and this is the reason why amit is topped this list of Top 3 Indian blogger’s.

2. Harsh Agarawal – ShoutMeLoud 


Name: Harsh Agarwal


Monthly Average Earning: 28 Lakhs Approx ($40055)

Alexa Global rank: 15,503

Alexa Rank in India: 1771

Harsh Agarawal is most popular blogger in India. He is Delhi based blogger and computer engineer. Harsh started his journey in his student life in 2008. The man itself is full time blogger and speaker blogs and speak on topics like; Blogging, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and how to become your own boss i.e. Make Money Online. Harsh has also introduced new ways to gain traffic and monetise blogs. That’s the reason he claims himself as blog scientist and deserves a 2nd position in our Top 3 Indian Bloggers list.

3. Faisal Farooqui 

Faisal FarooquiName: Faisal Farooqui


Monthly Average Earning: 35 Lakhs Approx ($50,000)

Alexa Global rank: 10,069

Alexa Rank in India: 763

Faisal I. Farooqui is an entrepreneur, best known as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Farooqui ranks 3rd in our Top 3 Indian bloggers list and is a advocate of freedom of expression on internet. He challenged Honorable Supreme Court striking down of Section 66A and reading down of many other sections of the Information Technology Act of India. Farooqui obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Finance from the State University of New York at Binghamton. The Blog/Website mainly hosts reviews of Restaurants, Gadgets, Movies and more.

business growth strategy

Why Your Business Need Website? Business Growth Strategy

Today starting a business or having a business is not that difficult as of before. Today even we can start business with just few clicks. When it comes to small business or offline businesses we usually don’t think that we need a website, digital marketing or any similar things.

But if we look analytics and read what researchers say about importance of website you will surely understand why it is necessary to have website for business. Here are some important point enlisted below about why your business need website?

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5 Reason Why You Need Website – Business Growth Strategy

1.Visible In Local Search Result:

Business growth Strategy

Nowadays people believe in searching business online before visiting the actual place of business and contacting. Hence if you have business website you can easily visible in Google local search results.

If your business is not online and depends only of word of mouth then you’re likely to lose huge potential customers. Along with this when your customers order something then each time you can get reviews for your service/products. These reviews not only shows your quality but also that you have a good amount of experience in these field.

Therefore getting customers from local search results is very important for business and growth according to business growth strategy.

2.Showcase Your Products And Services:

business growth strategy

Its has been old-time when you need to distribute product/service catalogue and any such material. Now by creating your business website you can simply display all your products and services. This not only provide feature to display your products but also a platform to get leads through it instantly.

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The another and related benefits of having business website is as no need to print catalogue you save a good amount of money. Also when it comes to changing product prices, you don’t need to print everything again you can it simply change it with few clicks in case of business website.

3.Foundation For Digital Marketing Strategy:

As we know today advertising on digital market is best marketing strategy. Hence if you want to start a digital marketing campaign you need a website as your foundation.

Website not only serves as foundation but when someone wants more information regarding your business he/she can simply get it on your about us section.

If you only depend upon third-party advertisers then its will give just instant marketing effect but when you built foundation in form of website it get converted into long-term marketing strategy according to business growth strategy.

4.Improve Your Credibility:

If you are into business you might be knowing how important it is to have good credibility in market. To sell your products or service good credibility plays the vital role.

Having a website shows your business is legitimate and trustworthy. Also it not only shows your business credibility but also the principles of your business.

For example, if a customer visit your website and see some services which has high price that of others but contain a link or note “Why Us” then this explains your customer why to choose your and gives him clear idea about your work quality, work methods and more.

Having good credibility is very important in terms of business growth strategy to grow your business rapidly.

5.Collect Customer Information:

business growth strategy

When you have website you don’t need to depend upon anyone to get new customers. Whenever someone new visit your business website you can simply collect their contact information and negotiate with them.

It also help you to send new offers, discount, launch notification using collected customer information. This not only trigger customer to check your site but also encourage them to buy your product or service.

Having a good customer base is one of the most important part of business growth strategy.


In my opinion as a digital marketer I firmly believe having a business website not only increase your customers but also your credibility in market. In the generation of technology you need to upgrade your business and look forward towards having a good quality business website.


Influence Of Chatbots In Digital Marketing

In era of technology each business has started getting their online appearance. The main objective of a business website is increasing appearance and engaging customer, displaying products and clearing doubts if any. When a website is subjected to a support & service there is always a chance of adopting chatbots for help. You might have probably seen chatbots everywhere, on websites, eCommerce store and etc. but why exactly have chatbots been deemed such?

The answer lies in question itself, that a chatbot is the best interface for customer care because of the myriad advantages it offers from being accessible to efficient. That is to say it benefits companies by loyally serving its consumers or customers. However to gain customers a company has to have a good marketing strategy. This is where chatbots come into play. Other than impressing the present customers with its hospitable personality, a chatbot does the same with a company’s potential customers.

According to a research, 57% customers preferred live chat to get their queries answered. Also, for communicating with a chatbot, there is no need to leave the page or move onto a new application. You just have to click on the conversational window which is present on the page you are currently on. This is the strategy that companies aim at.

  • Connection between you and your consumer

While a customer is surfing on the internet, the companies can use chatbots to latch onto the customers. From then on, a chatbot acquaints the customer with the company, its features, vision, a catalogue etc. and how it can be a suitable option for the consumer. Additionally it helps in promoting you by interacting with people regarding the brand benefits, discounts and other promotional offers. In simpler words it provides an overview of the company and why it is worthy for the consumer.

  • Solve queries

Not only does the chatbot introduce your company, it answers any query or misunderstanding the consumer has. Moreover it does so in a matter of seconds and at any time of the day reflecting on a chatbot’s yet another advantage.

  • Engage Customers after sales

One of the digital marketing strategies is to ensure that your buyers are satisfied with their purchase and also send routine follow-ups. Also, chatbots can help in announcing a new offer or a new product launch. Thus chatbots can help maintain a good relationship with both potential and existing customers.

  • Help increase sales

While chatbots are interacting with customers, they can be programmed to collect data, monitor customer behaviour and keep a check on the buying pattern of the consumers. Using the data, businesses can get an idea of the consumer mindset and the buying pattern of the consumers. This data can help businesses understand the market value of the product and can plan their digital marketing strategies accordingly. This will help your company save money and time by not hiring additional resources.

  • Feedback from customers

Customers can submit their feedback to the chatbot. These genuine feedbacks can help the company grow and work on their shortcomings accordingly.

Therefore chatbots truly can become your company’s “ambassador” for digital marketing and work wonders in the years to come.

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How To Reset Bamu Password

How To Reset BAMU Password | BAMU Digital University

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (BAMU) located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University consist of courses like, Engineering, Commerce and Arts. The BAMU digital university is official website for all the updates, results and etc. Therefore each student registered with BAMU provided with an account which helps in filling all kind of forms, fees payments and most important results. Therefore here is complete tutorial on how to reset BAMU password.

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How To Reset BAMU Password

  • Visit university portal (Click here to visit) and click “Forget Password” as shown below.reset bamu password
  • Once the password reset page is open, Enter all the details such as; PRN, Date of birth, Mother’s first name and click “Validate”. As shown below.reset bamu password
  • Now, enter your email ID choose “Yes” if your mobile no is correct, If not “No” and click “Reset Password” to reset BAMU password. As shown below.reset bamu password
  • Now, you will recive Username and Password on your registered Email and mobile no. As shown below.

    reset bamu password
    Email Screenshot
  • Visit university portal (Click here to visit), copy/paste Username and Password you received on your registered email and click “Go”. As shown below.reset bamu password
  • Now, enter old password (If not entered already), new-password, re-enter new password and click “Get OTP” As shown below.reset bamu password
  • Enter OTP in box as shown and click “Change Password” to reset BAMU password.reset bamu password
  • Once everything is done you will see message as shown below. Now you can login with your username and new password.reset bamu password

Everything You Need To Know About 5G

5G, The Rise of Fifth-generation 5G technology is going to be huge milestone in internet speed and features as it will convert normal cities to smart cities and may bring the ‘Internet of Things’ aka IoT in use widely, well very soon I will be writing a blog on IoT but for now IoT can be explained using one simple example; when you enter the room the lights will be on automatically or in bit techy terms you may say IoT will connect us to our electronics devices more faster and in a reliable way using a network that will allow humans and devices to collect and exchange the data.

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What is 5G?

The 5G can be defined as Fifth Generation Communication Network which will have speed of around 20 to 100 Gbps even more than wired connections. Today huge no. of telecom consumers use 3G or 4G/LTE networks, which were introduced in between 2001 and 2009, respectively. Most of the countries are still using the 2G network which is almost 17% of the world’s population.

What 5G will bring to you?

  • Faster speeds in downloading and uploading content
  • Amazing volume and amazingly fast
  • Smoother streaming of online content
  • High-quality video and voice calls
  • More reliable mobile connections which means always best connected.
  • The greater number of connected IoT devices
  • No perceived delay
  • Flexible programmable network
  • Secure network

4G VS 5G

With speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second, 5G will be as much as 1,000 times faster than 4G, the latest trend of mobile data technology. 5G will be surely download a single movie of approximately 1GB in few microseconds. 4G certainly has limitations of network speed and hence IoT is not that efficient today which it should be post 5G adoption.

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What will a 5G network need?

  • 1-10Gbps connections to endpoints in the field will be required for high-speed network connectivity.
  • 1 millisecond end-to-end round trip delay (latency).
  • 1000x bandwidth per unit area.
  • 10-100x number of connected devices.
  • 90 per cent reduction in network energy usage helping environment.
  • 99.9999 percent network availability which will lead to smart cities.
  • Increased battery life for low power and machine type devices benefiting the efficiency of IoT.

 What’s new in 5G?

  • Spectrum extension and with increased efficiency, advanced antennas with 3D beamforming techniques with new electronic component extension and high-speed moving networks. (E.g. Hologram TV, Augmented reality and ultra large data transfers)
  • Blend of 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and new radio access to make the incorporated and dynamic radio access arrange network which will ease remaining associated everywhere including high-speed trains, planes and in inaccessible areas.
  • New waveform and cell densification, much less signalling traffic and no synchronization (E.g. smart-cities, self-driving cars)
  • New operation mechanism for dense networks, on-demand consumption, massive machine communications, enabled optical transceivers, harvesting ambient energy and optimization of sleep mode energy switching (E.g. 80% energy-saving)
  • Software-defined networks will create new business models for innovative Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) providing network functions for faster innovation in network services.

Why not today? (Limitations of 4G)

  • Some technology lacks like; Spectrum saturation, limited spectrum aggregation and current hardware are not able to function at high frequencies.
  • Expensive deployment and maintenance of smart cells.
  • 4G Latency (Delay) >= 10 ms, which should be less than that.
  • Base stations up time (Power) is not optimized to meet 5G needs.
  • Some unused functions which are not energy optimized needs to be optimised.
  • Energy consumption is higher in devices.