apple iphone facetime video call feature

Blurring FaceTime call backgrounds on iPhone/iPad: A quick guide in <150 characters.

Apple has expanded its Portrait mode to include live video with the latest release of iOS 16. Prior to this, the feature was available only for still photos, despite the company having offered Portrait mode for selfies since the launch of the iPhone X and its TrueDepth Face ID camera in 2017. The updated feature can be used while on a FaceTime call and can blur the background for added privacy. Zoom and Microsoft Teams users can also use Apple’s video Portrait mode in lieu of the built-in blurring feature of those apps. If preferred, users can ensure Portrait mode remains on every time by following a simple enabling process via control center. This feature isn’t limited to the latest model iPhone and iPad; devices equipped with Apple’s A12 Bionic chip have the capacity for other Portrait mode effects, including blurring, ensuring users with older devices can benefit from the latest advancements. FaceTime camera effects like Memojis, filters, stickers, labels, and shapes, are separate and have been available since iOS 12.1.

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