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Backlink Checker: Top 5 Backlink Checker Tools

A backlink is an important word when you work especially in the fields of SEO. Technically backlinks mean the number of links pointing back to your websites. This ensures the popularity of your website over others. If in case, your website lacks backlinks, it can be improved in various ways to get the rank of your webpage. Moreover, you can understand the number of backlinks to your website using the backlink checker. Check which links back to you and you can understand the outstanding metrics of your competitors to analyze their popularity.

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Here are the few tools for free, it can help mostly every newbie to get their work done without much hassle. There are two options to check the backlinks. It goes either with linking back to the URL or website you enter. Or it goes to all the websites of the similar domain of the input URL.

Top 5 Backlink Checker Tools:


When it comes to backlink checking, then nothing can beat It is a tool that also is used by other tools as a reference to make themselves progress. With backlink database being updating after every 15 minutes to almost 18 trillion of webpages to search from, it ranks as second most active web crawler webpage. (For example, here I’ve searched the backlinks of Best Backlink checker.

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Rankwatch is the most helpful tool in terms of a detailed and minutely studied report of a particular URL that is to be searched for. Its results for a particular search include the summary, reference domain, anchor texts and a list of all backlinks. (For example, I’ve here used


Seo Review Tools:

SEO review tools are the backlink checker tool you need for the overall development of your webpage in terms of SEO. Also, they provide more described information about the website you’re looking for. It can help you analyze and compare it with your own website with the metrics they’ve mentioned. (For example, here I’ve used



Semrush is powerful in not just the terms of backlinks but also for deep link analysis, geological location of the link, the authenticity of the link and the types of backlinks used. It requires you to log in. You can check the competitor’s website and it’s insights to plan your strategies. There are just a few of the features of the SEMRUSH. Most Trusted backlink checker.



Monitor Backlinks:

Monitor backlinks is another powerful backlink checker tool which straightly puts up the links which the user can strategically use to gain rankings. It also mentions the trust flow, external links, anchor texts and statuses of each website associated with the URL. (For example, here I’ve put


Although a few websites can show you the analyzed result for free, some of them may ask for login credentials. Moreover, a few websites allow the search results to appear only till the trial period. Once expired, you need to buy their premium subscription. Most of the tool provides the backlinks to the mentioned URL only. Very few of them allow the option of finding the backlinks to the related domains. So in case you’re a kiddie in the field of webpages and SEO, make thorough use of these tools and climb the rankings.

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