Android users can now use PayPal’s passkey login feature to securely access their accounts.

PayPal is rolling out a new authentication feature called passkeys, which will allow users to log in without using passwords. Passkeys are based on FIDO authentication standards and are generally cross-platform compatible. Users will need to be running Chrome on Android 9 or up to access passkeys from the PayPal website. If it’s available for the account, users may get a prompt asking if they want to create a passkey, which can be authenticated using biometrics or a passcode to unlock the phone.

Despite big tech companies promoting passkeys as the key to the passwordless future, they are still relatively rare. 1Password has a page that keeps track of what sites and services support passkeys, and while there are some big names like Best Buy, Okta, Microsoft, and eBay, there are only 38 entries on the list, so users would still be hard-pressed to ditch passwords for good at this point.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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