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Amazon’s 4th-gen Echo is now at its lowest price since the holidays. Get yours at a steal! #AmazonEcho #SmartSpeaker #Sale

The writer highlights four deals on tech products, starting with Amazon’s 2020 Echo smart speaker, which is currently on sale for $64.99 ($35 off) at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. The device works as a speaker, alarm, and Wi-Fi extender for Eero mesh networks. It can also control smart home devices and perform tasks like setting alarms and getting weather and news reports. The writer recommends the Echo over the new Meta Quest Pro headset, which was disappointing, unlike the Quest 2, which offers a sharp display, a 120Hz refresh rate for select games, and no requirement for a Facebook account.

The next deal is on the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro robot vacuum, which is currently on sale for $269.99 ($180 off) at Amazon (with the on-page coupon) or for $10 more at Walmart. The budget-friendly vacuum can vacuum carpets, mop, and scrub floors, detecting obstacles over an inch tall and avoiding getting stuck in shoes. However, its mapping capabilities are not as accurate as more expensive robot vacuums, and it cannot detect and avoid smaller objects like pencils or cables. It does not come with an auto-empty dock, which costs an additional $200.

Finally, the writer recommends Zendure’s portable 100-watt SuperTank Pro laptop charger, which is currently on sale for $165.58 ($64 off) at Amazon. The charger can simultaneously charge four USB-C devices like laptops, phones, and tablets, delivering up to 100 watts of power. It also has a built-in OLED panel to show how quickly devices are charging.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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