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Alleged BreachForums owner and FBI hacker Pompompurin arrested by US authorities.

Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, the alleged administrator of the hacking forum BreachForums, was arrested by the FBI this week. He is also known as “Pompompurin” and is responsible for or connected to some of the most significant hacks in recent memory, including several incidents involving the FBI. In 2021, Pompompurin took credit for compromising the agency’s email servers and sending thousands of fake cybersecurity warnings. He is also linked to data breaches affecting 7 million users and the compromising of the contact information of more than 80,000 members of a law enforcement agency. Fitzpatrick has admitted to being the owner of BreachForums, which was created after the FBI raided and shut down a previous forum called RaidForums. The site remains operational for the moment, though Fitzpatrick will face a federal court on charges related to his alleged activities.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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