7 Genuine Ways To Make Money Online In 2022

In today’s world earning money is not just part of your profession, nowadays it’s more about interest, passion, ease and at last freedom. A few years back if are truly wanted to make money hard you need really work and study hard but in today’s scenario it’s not the case, even a person not completely educated can make more money than highly educated and the reason is the Internet. Yes, Internet you might be thinking how the internet can make someone rich and is it genuine to work online?

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Is It Genuine To Work Online?

If you heard about Amazon, Alibaba or Flipkart then what are these? These all the online money-making model’s which people have created from their interest, passion and knowledge. This is the only one way there few more ways enlisted below. So to conclude this post a big Yes, Making money online is a genuine process and beneficial. Now the question arises how much can you make online? The thing how much can you make is completely depend upon which method you to earn with and how you perform it because making money online can sometimes become a long task and take more time as compared to offline business or job.

7 Ways To Make Money Online

Following are the ways to earn money online and not listed according to its potential, earning money online is all about interest and what you good at hence considered each and every way with same potential as of first one.



Blogging is one of the finest and most easiest way to make money online with very low investment, you can kickstart your journey with just INR 5000 only and no technological expertise. The blogging categories in various category such as, Technology, Business, Review, Personal, Travel, Food, Health and much more. You just need find best suitable category for yourself and kickstart your journey. There are many ways you can earn money through blogging but the most followed or genuine is Displaying Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Post, Guest Blogging, and Providing Backlinks.

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Don’t say you don’t know about YouTube, YouTube is one of the best platform to make money online although few months back YouTube has introduced some new policies for monetization hence you need to work little bit more that of previous. The only thing you need to do is create your own YouTube channel and start uploading interesting videos regularly. Once you reached threshold of 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber then you can simply earn money from Google Adsense. There are few more ways such as Sponsored Video, Promotional Video, Product/Service Review and others.

Now, how much you can earn from YouTube? there is no limit to earn money on YouTube it can be from 0$ – 2000$ per day or even more based on how big and popular you YouTube channel grow. It is the most recommended way as it does not require any funds to start and people love watching videos on YouTube these days.

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If you shop online then you can understand this method very quickly, In this method you need at least one good product no matter whether digital or physical the only thing matter is quality & service of the product. Once you have a product you just need to create an awesome E-Commerce website through which you can sale and make money online. This method has more efforts then of previous two but also has more benefits such as you get direct money and do not need to be dependent of any other programme like Google Adsense to earn money online. This method also grow your brand and help you to reach more customers. The only thing this method lack behind is investment, you need more investment and setup as compared to other methods.

Instagram/Facebook Page


Social media like Instagram and Facebook is highly trending these days and one of the best platforms to make money online. If you are not connected to these social media you are missing a lot, In this method what you need to do is create a Instagram and Facebook page and link them together and start making cool contents like memes, facts, life hacks or based on whatever you like. Once you account is set up completely simply promote it using Facebook ads, or unofficial promotion from other pages and grow till some specific amount like 15K+ followers. Now, you have follower base simply promote other pages take some charge for it and in this way you genuinely earn money online. You see our Instagram page for example The Mind Feed Instagram

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketting

Do you recommend products to your friends, family member or someone known/unknown? If yes you are already an Affiliate. So what you need to do now? The only thing you need to do is doing in a proper way. Basically Affiliate marketing is all about recommendation you recommend some product to someone and you get a small commission for your work that how the thing work. You can join some popular affiliate programs like; Amazon Affiliate, ShareaSale, ClickBank and etc. Now, how much can you make with this? The thing is very simple as much as you can recommend as much you can earn money online. Its very easy and if you spend around 1 to 2 hours daily you can make good amount of money in genuine way.

You just need to share product review along with product affiliate link and share your article or post on social media like Google+, Facebook and etc. This method is recommended for people who are busy in education, job or other such thing and cannot give much time.



Do you love freedom? Do you want to work on a project basis? If yes this method is best for you, You can simply join some freelancing communities or website where you can get paid for completing projects based upon your skills. The advantage of this method is if you get some good reviews and customers you can earn money online on regular basis. You can easily earn $500 to $1000 per months just by completing some projects per month. There are few famous and trusted freelancing websites like; Freelancer.com, Upwork, Solidgigs.com and etc. If you are good at something like; Typing, Graphics, Translation, Website building or etc. you just need to create an account which is completely free on most of the sites.

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Writing eBooks

Writing E-books

If you want to make money online writing ebooks is one of the best idea, you can write an ebook on any topic such as; Friction, True Story, Motivation, Business Guide, and Cook Book. The best thing about this method is you don’t need any investment, you can simply start writing on note pad or WordPad and then publish to platforms like Amazon Kindle, Apple’s iBook Author, Smashword and etc. This is most suitable for people who want to earn money online with part-time work and cannot spend more time weekly. In most cases, all platforms will offer 60-40% revenue share which is quite good.

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Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Weather you are teacher or student who wants to want share his/her knowledge to the world teaching online is best way for you. In this method you can actually teach students online with the help of some educational platform such as Udemy, Teachable, SkillShare, and etc. The only thing you need to do is create educational courses and set prices all the rest thing is done by platforms. If you love teaching you can make money online very easily with comfort of home. As these platform offer you such services it takes some part of your earning as service charge or simply revenue share just like above method. It is highly suitable for people who always find opportunity to showcase their skills.

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Share your views and let us know which method do you find best to make money online and comment down below, Also consider sharing with your friends and family.

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