Digital Tools For Startup

5 Must Have Digital Tools For Startup

Limited funding for marketing is a problem for small start ups. Due to limited funding an individual makes smart options to save more for greater marketing impact and invest in best tools for startup. Marketing plays vital role to grab customers attention and connect with right targeted audience. For standing out in the competitive world of business one has to face challenges and bloom their startups turning ever long business success however To achieve your goals here are tools for startups to support marketing in free of cost or at minimal price.

5 Must Have Digital Tools For Start-up


One of the first tool for startup is Canva. Digital designer at initial stage of business can cost high so individual can choose canva has an ideal option for generating traffic to business. Canva is graphic and content creating software often used to create templates, videos, posters, presentations etc. For ordinary package platform is free to use but gold packages needs yearly subscription. Once you get access of canva, without the prior experience of graphic designer one can create absolute designs, logos and banners for their startups. You can grab customers attention in one go.

Tools for startup

Other various featuresPhoto Editing, Video Editing and Graphic creation. Individual can even share their designs on other social media platform and participate in various challenges of graphics through the app.


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Social media has grown vastly from chat to entertaining showcase. If used proactively one can even grow their business up to good scale. Hootsuites provides you central management where you can manage all social media platform through one medium be it Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Individual can maintain their market place.

One can schedule their posts in advance and see whether social media campaigns are effectively working or not. One can receive reports on campaigns. People can even send private messages to others, If you have business group you can make group on hootsuite for better communication and many more. It is free app to use and quite beneficial too. As a tool for startup one can make most of it.



SEO [ Search Engine Optimization] is one of the vital components for digital or social media marketing. If you want to step up the game of SEO, yoast is meant for you. This app helps you to select the right keyword for your marketing, Moreover helps to improve your content readability. It helps websites to rank better on search engine results. Yoast has set bars for SEO which enables the user optimize their content appropriately. Yoast has tutorials for SEO in form of articles.



thHubspot is  suitable for business owners who runs multiple marketing campaigns across various marketing channels. App helps the owner to bring all marketing campaigns together through cloud based system and attract greater traffic, Higher conversion rates and good ROI. Blogging, posting, articles, content, everything is managed and accessed through single platform. For startups its the best tool because hootsuites optimizes your platform quite well. Not only it provides research tools or feedbacks on products but also helps to sell and market them. It is one of the popular marketing tools for startup and has premium fee to use.


KW  Finder

Specialized digital tools are created to help everyone find the right keyword for high rankings. It is useful for analysis and searching long term keywords. app also provides full website analysis report. KWFinder is affordable, easy to use app. Small business or startups often find it useful and user friendly. Individual just has to enter keyword and app will give suggestions, data, trends and ranking score for every word or phrase. The most easiest tool for startup to operate.

It is very important to understand the importance of marketing products or goods although it might sound boring but without marketing growth of business or startup is impossible. The above were best 5 tools for startups and small businesses. It might take time to understand the following tools for Startup but initially and gradually one can make money with the above tools for startup. Hope you invest and find them useful.

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