5 PUBG Facts You Need To Know About 1

5 Interesting PUBG Facts You Need To Know About

PlayersUnknown Battleground, the biggest game of the 21st century. Know matter you play games or not you must have seen or tried PUBG once in your life. The game is so addictive that most people nowadays can’t live without it.

PlayersUnknown Battleground first launched on December 20, 2017, by PUBG Corporation. The game allows users to play from 5 major gaming platform i.e.: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4.

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Here are some interesting PUBG Facts that you need to know about. All these facts are collected from all over internet and PUBG official website and platforms.

PUBG Facts


The PUBG first early access version was made available on Steam Platform on 23 March 2017. Just after an early access version launch, more than 2 million PUBG copies were sold.

PUBG Facts

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BlueHole Studios didn’t invest any money for the advertisement of PUBG. PUBG became popular through its unique gameplay and word of mouth.

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chicken dinner

The famous slogan Winner Winner Chicken Dinner was actually taken from an old dice game, In earlier times money was used to bet against win hence if someone wins they have sufficient amount of money to buy chicken dinner.

Bandana facts


PUBG is so popular that people literally spend around $1000 on buying virtual bandana that comes with the original pre-order version of the game. This item is so rare that it does not found in crates and is only available with an original pre-order version of the game.

PUBG facts

PlayersUnknown Battleground lets player record game in cinematic camera views and not just simple gameplay.

These are some interesting PUBG Facts, do you think we miss something comment down below and let us know more.

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