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10 Best add ons for Google Sheets

Google Sheets is unquestionably a strong and useful tool, and the greatest part is that it’s free to use! When you take into account all the potential formulas and functions offered, Google Sheets is more than capable of performing a wide range of tasks on its own. With some best add ons Google sheets , you can accomplish considerably more, though.

Add-ons for Google Sheets resemble browser extensions in many ways. These are simply supplementary apps that you may add to your spreadsheet software to give it more features. You could utilize add-ons, for instance, to schedule the sending of Gmail emails. Even your spreadsheets may be translated, and a database can be automatically populated with bibliographic information.

Choosing the best add ons for Google Sheets can be a game-changer. If you’ve ever felt frustrated that Google Sheets can’t do that one specific thing you need it to do, there might just be an add-on to help you with that. And if you want to give them a try yourself, this list of the best Google Sheets add-ons might be a good place to start.

10 Best add ons for google sheets

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10 Best Add ons for Google Sheets

  1. Power Tools

  2. Yet another Mail Merge

  3. Hunter

  4. Tweet Achiever

  5. Template Gallery


  7. Wolfram

  8. Awesome Table

  9. Table Styles

  10. BigML

How to Use these Best Add ons for Google Sheets ?

Since you only need to install them, using Google Sheets add-ons is rather easy to do. The usage instructions for each add-on may vary because they are frequently distinct from one another. But after you’ve set up the desired add-on, you can just read the documentation and adhere to the guidelines. To make the most of the add-ons you install, it’s a good idea to become familiar with their features.

Many add-ons can be installed and used at once, albeit depending on your machine, there can come a time when doing so is ineffective. If you have too many add-ons, your screen may become cluttered or difficult to manage.

How to install add ons in Google Sheets?

Before we show you the best add ons Google Sheets , here’s how to find and install add-ons on your Google Sheets:

1. Visit Google Sheets on the web and open any spreadsheet.

2. Select Extensions in the top menu bar.

Steps to install add ons for google sheets

3. Hover the mouse pointer over Add-ons and select Get add-ons

Steps to install add ons for google sheets


4. In the Google Workspace Marketplace that appears, use the search bar at the top to search for your preferred add-ons.

steps to install add ons for google sheets

5. Select Install and follow on-screen instructions to install add-ons to your Google Sheets account.

6. You’ll find the installed add-ons under the same Extensions menu.

What these above mentioned best add ons for google sheets provide?

1. Power Tools

One of the best add-ons for google sheets you should install if you want to save a lot of time when using Google spreadsheets is Power Tools. You can manage and arrange your spreadsheets more efficiently with the aid of power tools. This add-on was created by the creators to assist you in automating a number of your sheet’s time-consuming, monotonous, and laborious tasks.

A smart toolbar in Power Tools shows a few items, such as your most recent actions. Your favorite activities can be recorded in the toolbar to make them easier to retrieve. You won’t have to repeat all the processes in order to repeat activities on different cells thanks to this simple access. Several users of this add-on would claim that it integrates numerous Microsoft Excel functions into Google Sheets.

During the 30-day trial period, Power Tools can be used without charge. After that, you have the option of paying $89.95 for lifetime access or $29.95 every year. If you’re concerned that purchasing a lifetime license won’t provide you access to all updates, you might be glad to learn that the cost includes updates indefinitely.

power tools

2. Yet Another Mail Merge

It’s amongst best add ons for google sheets used for sending personalized emails. Invest in a platform to send personalized emails to every contact on your list and monitor if recipients open, react, or unsubscribe from emails from you when your product, brand, or marketing depends on effective email campaigns.

For instance, you must send an email to your subscribers or consumers if you wish to introduce a new political newsletter, a WordPress course to the Udemy platform, or a new product. To compose an email in Gmail, first import your contacts list into Google Sheets. Send customized emails to each recipient based on your Gmail draught by using the Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) add-on for Google Sheets. Emailing yourself first is advised.

Yet another mail merge

3. Hunter 

You can use Hunter for Sheets to locate that elusive email address you’ve been trying to track down for a variety of reasons. It’s simple to start. Installing the add-on and then creating an account on are the only steps required. Sadly, registering is necessary.

These are some of the features this add-on offers:

With the help of the robust domain search add-on, you may discover all the publicly accessible email accounts linked to any domain name. It’s an effective email finder that offers scores for the accuracy of the results it delivers. The add-on will also report first and last names if they are associated with an email account.
You can choose cells containing first names, last names, and company names, and then use the email finder to locate the email addresses for those people. Also, emails are returned with confidence ratings.


4. Tweet Achiever 

The Twitter Archiver add on can be ideal for you if your profession involves keeping track of trending tweets. To build a rule based on terms, hashtags, locations, precise phrases, or tweets from a particular account, launch the add-on. You can also clean up the spreadsheet by excluding certain words from your script.

This add on’s features include:

  • Advanced search feature
  • Support
  • Search query monitoring
  • Media embedding
  • Downloads new tweets hourly and saves them into your sheet forever
  • Can integrate with BigQuery

Twitter achiever

5. Template Gallery 

You won’t have to waste valuable time creating the spreadsheet templates yourself thanks to Template Gallery’s library of them. You can quickly build up a variety of spreadsheet kinds with this add-on.

Compared to Google Sheets’ free portfolio of templates, Template Gallery offers more alternatives. To locate various templates, including calendars, invoices, timetables, budgeting tools, timesheets, resumes, letters, financial calculators, and more, you can conduct a keyword search.

Use of the Template Gallery is completely free and it is amongst the. Nevertheless, since it’s free, you might not be able to get the kind of technical help you want. But, it’s worth a go given how easy it is to install and remove this add-on.

Template gallery


For small firms with minimal resources, is helpful. It might be difficult and counterproductive to handle data from several apps whether you’re using Jira or Airtable to track multiple projects, Clockify to check employees’ work hours, or Shopify to run an online store.

You won’t want to constantly move between these applications to view the most recent figures. Here’s where the, one of the best add ons for Google Sheets comes into play. You can launch the add-on, ask it to import data from supported services, and glance over them from a single spreadsheet. The best part is that you can set automation to scrape data at set intervals. Go to the add-on product page and check which apps supports.


7. Worlfram 

A well-known engine that computes answers and disseminates knowledge is called Wolfram Alpha. Indeed, Wolfram Alpha’s database is what gives Siri’s responses when you ask her a question.

WA leverages massive databases of algorithms and curated expert-level knowledge to produce reports, conduct analyses, and respond to inquiries. When you install their add-on, a sidebar will show up in Google Sheets.

This is by far one of the best add ons for google sheets that allows you to compute data from the cells you’ve chosen or search for information. You can use the Wolfram Alpha add-on to calculate the answer, for instance, if you choose a cell that has the text “average mass of a star.” The same can be done with ranges to return a number of responses at once.


8. Awesome Table 

With the help of the add-on Amazing Table, you may import data and then produce graphics or other visual representations for use on websites. You may use Google Maps to generate visualizations for catalogues, Gantt charts, and more.

This add-on gathers information from a number of places, including but not exclusive to Zendesk, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Pictures, Google Tasks, Unsplash, and Stripe.
A free edition of Amazing Table comes with ten searches each day, eight types of visualization, 100 rows of data, and up to 500 views. The starting monthly price for a paid subscription is $31 for Plus, $79 for Pro, and $199 for premium.

Awesome table

9. Table Styles

Table Styles goes beyond personalizing by delivering ready-to-use themes for your spreadsheet, while Google Sheets offers a variety of formatting options to change the header, footer, and cell colors.

To personalize the table’s appearance, the add-on contains more than 50 themes organized into six sections. Select from alternatives for styling that are practical, monochromatic, light, dark, juicy, and contrasting. When you’re finished, save the preference as a template so you may reuse it in other sheets.

table styles

10. BigML

BigML is a helpful and the best add ons for Google Sheets  that makes it easier to integrate machine learning into your Google Sheets. It simplifies the use of your model and refreshes the predictions in the cells of your spreadsheet.

You must enter your data before you can make predictions. After you click, the data set with all the details is created, and you can then click another button to generate the model. After that, BigML will use the data you contributed to your Google Sheets spreadsheet to produce the prediction.




In this article a basic idea of what google sheets are and what features it has is discussed and further on detailed information is given about the 10 best add ons for google sheets that are available. I hope you found this helpful. Appreciate you reading.

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